A startup company is a company that was founded in order to develop a unique product or idea, mainly in the high-tec field.

With over 700 startups and hundreds more local as well as multinational R&D centers, the city boasts the highest number of high-tech companies per capita in the world!


emaze was established in 2009 with the goal to change the world of presentations, enabling anyone to build visually impressive presentations with ease. The company is located in Ramat-Hachail, Tel-Aviv and has 10 employees, including top programmers and designers. Three months ago a free beta version of the product was launched. During this time about 100,000 users have subscribed to the service and their presentations can be viewed at emaze.com .
The product is built with the newest web technologies - HTML5 and CSS3 which enable native 3D graphics in the browser. All presentations are saved on the cloud and can be accessed from any device including smartphones. The product supports all languages and presentations can be automatically translated to any language.
We believe that emaze will take the place of PowerPoint in few years and will become the main tool for presentations all over the world.

Address: 6 Hanchoshet, Floor 3 (inside TheTime offices) Ramat-Hachail, Tel-Aviv
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1. Every hour lecure for 15 min.

2. Round table with the programmers 19:00-20:00. 



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